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  • Why Do Coffee Bags Need A Valve?


    Have you ever carefully observed the packaging bag of coffee beans? The structure of the coffee packaging bag is very special. Have you noticed that there are several "small holes" in the back of the coffee bag?On the back of the coffee packaging bag, we often see a round raised air valve with a cir
  • How To Reseal Potato Chip Bags


    Potato chips are a popular snack, and the sealing method of potato chip bags is crucial to maintaining the freshness and taste of potato chips. Correct sealing can effectively prevent potato chips from getting damp and softening, and maintain their crisp taste. However, there are many types of potat
  • How To Open Different Sealed Coffee Bags


    how to open Different Sealed Coffee BagsThere are so many coffee bags on the shelves, with different designs, bag types, etc. There are already many ways to seal them. So, which sealed coffee bag is the most popular? How should consumers open different types of sealed coffee bags? Today, we explore
  • OrganicBioPack at World of Coffee Copenhagen


    And it's a wrap! Just enjoyed our journey at World of Coffee Copenhagen for 3 days!World of Coffee, organized by the non-profit organization Specialty Coffee Association, was successfully held in Copenhagen, Denmark from June 27 to 29, 2024! This is the world's largest coffee event and an annual mus
  • OrganicBiopack at BIOFACH China 2024


    BIOFACH China 2024, the most influential organic food exhibition, was successfully held in Shanghai from June 13 to June 17.BIOFACH Asia International Organic Products Expo is one of the most influential organic food and agricultural trade exhibitions in Asia. It is one of the few professional B2B i
  • Explore The Role of Flexible Packaging in Meat Packaging


    The topic of fresh meat has continued in recent years. The output of meat products is high in every country. The proportion of deep-processed meat products in developed countries in the world generally reaches about 50%, and some countries even reach more than 70%. Packaging materials are an importa
  • Sustainable Branding Triumph: Fiesta Grande Elevates Image with Innovative Recyclable SOS Paper Bags


    In the dynamic landscape of sustainable packaging, Fiesta Grande, a renowned chips brand, has successfully revamped its brand image through a strategic partnership with OrganicBiopack. This case study delves into how the collaboration not only aligns with Fiesta Grande's core values but also undersc
  • Red Bay Coffee Roaster Elevates Brand Appeal with Custom Compostable Coffee Bags


    In a bid to enhance brand competitiveness and foster environmental responsibility, Red Bay Coffee Roaster has embraced a groundbreaking approach to packaging. This customer case delves into the strategic decision to adopt our latest technological innovation – custom Compostable Coffee Bags with Pock
  • Innovative Compostable Packaging Redefines Organic Kelp Snack Sustainability


    Leading Organic Kelp Snacks Brand 12Tides Takes a Sustainable Step Forward with Innovative Packaging SolutionIn a remarkable stride towards sustainability, renowned American organic kelp snacks brand 12Tides has joined hands with the trailblazing packaging leader OrganicBiopack. This collaboration m
  • Nourishing Your Soul and the Planet: A Plant-Based Original Tenders Brand Success Story


    [Your Company Name], a pioneering provider of sustainable solutions, is thrilled to present an inspiring success story featuring one of our esteemed plant-based Original Tenders brand customers. Through our innovative products, the Home Compostable Bags, this conscientious customer has not only made
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining the Right Values


    In the pursuit of sustainability, many businesses are exploring eco-friendly packaging solutions. This article presents a customer case study featuring Focus Health & Nutrition, a renowned brand in the health and wellness industry, and their successful implementation of recyclable bags as part of th
  • 12 Tides with Plastic-Free Packaging Solution


    “12 tides” in USA is a honorable snack food enterprise, which is an inspiring team to protect our environment with enough effort. We met with “12 tides” about 2 years ago and have been cooperated many times in packaging bags. “12 tides” is one member of “1% for the Planet”, which devoted to improve
  • Are Potato Chip Bags Recyclable?


    Potato chips are one of the world’s most popular snacks, but when enjoying this crunchy snack, it’s easy to overlook the impact of their packaging on the environment. A common question is: "Can potato chip bags be recycled?"Potato chip bags are recyclable.Potato chip bags often contain an aluminum f
  • DIN And ABA Certification, What You Need To Know


    DIN and ABA certification, what you need to knowIn the flexible packaging industry, compostability is a measure of whether a packaging bag is sustainable. There are many compostable certifications, and different countries and regions have different standards and certifications. Among them, DIN and A
  • Explore PCR Material Packaging: Why Companies Should Choose It


    According to statistics, 42% of plastics are used for packaging worldwide, most of which are single-use. According to IGD ShopperVista, 41% of consumers believe that the use of single-use plastics should be reduced or stopped, and 63% of consumers believe that reusable or recyclable packaging is "ve
  • How Small Businesses Can Achieve Carbon Neutrality Goals


    How Small Businesses Can Achieve Carbon Neutrality GoalsToday, the urgency of addressing climate change is greater than ever.For small businesses, achieving carbon neutrality can seem like a challenge. However, with strategic planning and the right tools, it is an achievable goal that can greatly be
  • How Long Does It Take for A Potato Chip Bag To Decompose?


    In the past, potato chip bags have not been widely recycled or broken down.In an era where both consumers and suppliers are increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint, the sustainability of the most popular snack food packaging - potato chip bags, has increasingly become a topic of c
  • Which Is Better for The Environment, Paper Bags Or Plastic Bags?


    Paper bags and plastic bags are common types of packaging that play an important role in daily life. However, as people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the issue of which packaging type is more environmentally friendly has also become the focus of social attention. Aft
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