organic coffee & tea bags
Go green with our eco compostable coffee bags!
These multipurpose pouches are made from 100%
compostable PLA and offer a high barrier.
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Organic Coffee Bags Solution

The coffee industry has a complex supply chain. For many coffee retailers, particularly organic and fair-trade coffee roasters, sustainable sourcing is crucial at every step! Finding eco-friendly packaging that authentically aligns with a sustainable brand promise has long been a challenge for coffee retailers.
BioPack have been working hard to develop a high-performance organic coffee bags made with certified compostable films and bio based recyclable films and focusing on creating a more sustainable, circular economy. Our compostable coffee bags and pouches have a high barrier layer for oxygen and moisture, plus every component is compostable or recyclable.

Compostable Coffee Bags

Compostable coffee bag that's what we usually say industrial compostable coffee bag and home compostable coffee bag. Our compostable coffee pouches are made of PLA material or NK cellophane material, kraft paper as well. All components including zippers and valves are made from plants and are fully biodegradable and compostable. They break down into healthy compost leaving no microplastics. These compostable coffee bags are 100% compostable which meets EU EN13432 standard and we have got OK-BIOBASED, COMPOSTABLE and Australian Home Compostable certification.

Plant-based Recyclable Coffee Bags

Plant-based recyclable coffee bags are made from carbon-negative bio-based materials sugarcane, a renewable resource. They are a mono-material (made using only one type of polymer) suitable for recycling in either #4 or soft plastic streams. These recyclable coffee bags are sustainable development to achieve a better impact on the planet and society.

Post Consumer Recycled Coffee Bags

Our post-consumer recycled (PCR) coffee bag has the highest amount of recycled plastic content in the world (up to 85%). These recyclable bags have a considerably lower carbon footprint and are suitable for recycling in either #4 or soft plastic streams. Certified for food contact, ideal for organic coffee bean or ground coffee packaging.

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Organic Tea Bag
Go green with our compostable tea bag!
The compostable bag is made from 100% 
compostable material.

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