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The freshness of granola or cereal is vital in delivering loyal customers with the gratifying taste, crunch, and nutritional benefits they expect. Because granola is perishable and is often organic to boot, packaging must address protection, expiry date, convenience and, if possible, marketability as well. In our view, Sustainable packaging bags for organic granola, especialy eco-friendly stand up pouches are the best option available on the market today, designed with both your customer and the consumer in mind.
Custom your organic Granola Bags
Looking for a way to present your goods in an eye-catching way? Whether you sell granola, cereal or anything in between, our sustainable packaging bags will seal your products up tight and protect them from the outside world. With your custom design on them, these eco-friendly pouches will help your product stand out on the counter and table displays.
Organic Granola Bags
Custom printed packaging offers specialty a greater level of customization by using all the available space on a bag to communicate your brand identity to potential customers.
Check out our guides to custom your organic granola bags.
Stand Up Pouch for Granola
Your brand packaged in stand up pouches will stand apart from your competitors on the shelf. If granola packaging bags desired, 
round and sombrero-style hang holes can also be ordered. These give retailers a product display alternative.
Side Gusset Pouch for Granola
Do you need more space to pack your granola? We suggest you the side gusset pouches. These kind of pouches can also be used without zipper.These pouches with gussets on both sides make them possible to fit more granola in them. Also they are very useful for secondary packing of granola and cereal.
Flat Bottom Pouch for Granola
The design of a flat bottom pouch provides you with product display options as well. Each bag has a wide front and back panel that is ideally suited for your company labels or other stickers. These pouches feature a square bottom gusset that allows them to stand on their own before filling. Along with the four corner seal design, flat bottom bags are easy to fill and stand better on shelves.
Why Use Environmentally Friendly Packaging?
As a global business with organic food packaging, we know packaging plays an important role in ensuring we can bring our products safely to consumers around the world. While we're proud of our sustainable packaging, we are deeply concerned about the impact of packaging waste on land and in the ocean. All of Biopack's sustainable packaging bags made of plant-based, renewable or recycled materials.
 Reducing carbon footprint: We design packaging solutions that naturally have a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuel alternatives.
 Reducing Waste: Our packaging made of recyclable or renewable materials.
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