compostable chocolate bags
Chocolate bags
Bag material is plant-based, certified compostable and FDA approved to come into contact with food
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The organic market is booming and eco-friendly pouches are being recognized as the best packaging in the organic industry. With the delicate nature and cost of these high-quality goods, custom pouches bags will keep the product free of moisture, light, and odors. Increasingly brands and consumers are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging choices. Our sustainable packaging for chocolate bars are eye-catching and alluring - and are guaranteed to stand out on the shelf.
Meeting your sustainability goals is our priority which is why we offer a variety of eco-friendly solutions. All of our film selections are biodegradable and curbside recyclable, and we have a range of options for recycled content and glassine as an alternative to plastics, films and foils.
Custom Printed Organic Chocolate Packaging
No matter what kind of chocolate you're making, your packaging needs to be as sweet as your product. Chocolate is manufactured in many shapes and sizes. The challenge is in selecting the right packaging film or pouches for the application.
You can customize your stand up pouches' special features however you want. That means selecting from clear windows to see the chocolate before purchasing, classic tear zippers for easy resealing, easy-tear notches, and hang holes.
Chocolate wrapper film have excellent barrier to water vapour, gases, mineral oils and aroma while enhancing consumer appeal. We do strive to be as environmentally conscious as we can, which is why our wrappers are sustainable, renewable and compostable.
Flat bottom pouches for chocolate packaging, also known as box bottom bag or block bottom bag. With the truly flat bottom, it stands stable like a box anytime. A classy appearance, and unmatched practicality for your chocolate.
Vegan Chocolate Bags
compostable chocolate bar packaging
Our compostable bags meet FDA requirementsfor 
direct food contact and are perfect for presenting anything
Your chocolate deserves the best packaging
We understand what it takes to make exceptional chocolate and candy packaging. By using multiple layers of barrier film, diverse materials from Mylar to foil, and features like zipper tops, hang holes, tear notches, and window, we guarantee that your treats stay tasty. Custom your chocolate bags and pouches from BioPack. Whether you prefer compostable bags or recyclable bags for your chocolates and candies, we have several options available. We also offer many opportunities to customize your chocolate bags with tear notches, zip closures, and other functional features.
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