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Cellophane Chocolate Bags

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Obviously, Cellophane Chocolate Bags are made of cellophane, which is a renewable and food safe material. Cello Chocolate Bag is a great way for brand to display products.
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Cellophane Chocolate Bags

Made with premium cellophane and offer outstanding clarity, these Cellophane Gift Bags feature a clear material for high moisture, freshness and odor barrier. Durable and non-toxic material for food storage and displaying. These Cellophane Chocolate Bags have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the chocolate and confectionery fresh enabling longer shelf life.

Block bottom cello Bags with kraft paper bottom can self stand up on the shelves. The combination of bag and twist ties will add luster to your Halloween and Christmas party. We offer different types of Chocolate Cellophane Bags so you can present a fully range of chocolates and sweets offerings.

cellophane chocolate bags

Product Details

Item: Cellophane Chocolate Bags

Material: Compostable / Recyclable / Post-consumer recycled materials is available

Size: Customized

Type: Flat Bottom Bag. Can be customized

Applications: Vegan Chocolate Packaging

Printing: Custom printing

Colors: Up to 10 colors

MOQ: 10k

Samples: Available

Features & Benefits

Made from 100% eco friendly materials

Twist Ties and easy opening

Food safe material, heat sealable

Customized size, printing color, logo can be available

Packaging and Printing

product types BioPack