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Professional environmental protection products
  •  Biopack is not only a leader in the organic food packaging industry but also an innovative company, always developing new options for our customers.
  •  We manufacture eco friendly packaging bags for a wide range of industries,such as organic roasted coffee & tea leaves ,organic dried fruits & nuts,granola & popcorn,organic baby food,and more. We are specialized in producing compostable or recyclable packaging bags,stand Up pouches, side gusset bags, zipper bags, printed rolls, quad sealed bags, poillow pouches, stand up pouches with window, block bottom pouches with and without zipper etc.
  •  Our production environment meets with food certification ISO22000, all products are 100% compostable which meets EU EN13432 standard and we have got OK-BIOBASED, COMPOSTABLE and BRC certification. It begins with us, reduce pollution and protect our earth.
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Phone: +86-15015013003
Address: Jiangmen, Guangdong, 529000, China.


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