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[Packaging] Embracing Eco-friendly Packaging in The Snack Food Industry
Flexible packaging is the main force of the food packaging industry. Compared with traditional packaging, a single material does not need to be stripped of different plastics during recycling, which greatly reduces the complexity of the process and facilitates recycling. At the same time, necessary
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[Case Studies] Sustainable Branding Triumph: Fiesta Grande Elevates Image with Innovative Recyclable SOS Paper Bags
In the dynamic landscape of sustainable packaging, Fiesta Grande, a renowned chips brand, has successfully revamped its brand image through a strategic partnership with OrganicBiopack. This case study delves into how the collaboration not only aligns with Fiesta Grande's core values but also undersc
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[Packaging] Dimensions of Convenience: Exploring Common Sizes of Individual Potato Chips Bags
In the realm of snack packaging, the ubiquitous individual potato chips bag stands as an icon of convenience. As consumers seek on-the-go options and portion-controlled treats, the sizing of these snack bags becomes a critical aspect of product design. But do you know what sizes are commonly used in
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