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What Are Coffee Bags Made Of?

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Modern coffee stock bags can be made of compostable materials such as rice or kraft paper. They can also be made of stronger recyclable or reusable materials such as low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polylactic acid (PLA).

Coffee businesses around the world have been working towards a more sustainable circular economy. They do this by adding value to products and materials they use. They are also making progress in replacing single-use packaging with "greener" solutions.

Quality coffee packaging bag should protect the beans contained within for at least 12 months (even though coffee should preferably be consumed long before that).

As coffee beans are porous, they absorb moisture quickly. When storing coffee, you should keep it as dry as possible. If your beans absorb moisture, the quality of your cup will suffer as a result.

As well as moisture, you should also keep coffee beans in airtight packaging that protects them from sunlight. Packaging should also be strong and abrasion-resistant.

flat bottom coffee bag

So, which eco-friendly packaging is best for you?

Well, it comes down to two things: your needs and the waste management capabilities you have available. If the facility you would use to process a certain material is far away, for example, the long transport time will cause your carbon footprint to increase. In this case, it might be better to choose materials which can be safely processed in your area.

A fully recyclable pouch can be a great way of minimising your environmental impact. Alternatively, you can look for a coffee bag that combines both biodegradable and recyclable materials. However, in this case, you should always make sure that the individual materials can be separated.