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Custom Potato Chip Bag Paper with Zipper

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Chips Bags with Zipper can lock the flavor of potato chips and ensure the freshness of food. At the same time, it also facilitates the use of end consumers and improves the use experience.
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Custom Potato Chip Bag Paper with Zipper

As the most convenient snack options around the world, different chip makers have different packaging materials with varying combinations of polymers. Many potato chip manufacturers will require high barrier properties, high light protection, good oil resistance, and exquisite gravure printing when purchasing packaging materials. Empty Potato Chip Bags with reclosable zipper can lock the freshness and flavor. The Chips Bags with Zipper is the best choice in the market today, and is designed for you and consumers.

Custom Potato Chip Bag Paper with Zipper_

Product Details

Item: Custom Potato Chip Bag Paper with Zipper

Material: Compostable / Recyclable / Post-consumer recycled materials is available

Size: Customized

Type: Stand up pouch, flat bottom bag, side gusset bag, flat bag. Can be customized

Applications: Dried Chips Packaging Bags

Printing: Custom printing

Colors: Up to 10 colors

MOQ: 10k

Samples: Available

Features & Benefits

Made from 100% eco friendly materials

Resealable, airtight zipper

Tear notches allow for easy opening

Food safe material, heat sealable

Customized size, printing color, logo can be available

Packaging and Printing

product types BioPack

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